Behind the lens

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Hello world, I’m Stéphanie, I’m a Belgian photographer living currently in Athens (GR).

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories that a picture can tell and I always wanted to be the first step of the process: the shot. So, I studied the basics in an art school when I was 16, but gained most of my experience learning by myself. I think that the best way to evolve is through practice, by being on the field, working continuously.

My favorite playground is the street. Urban poetry is everywhere if you take time to feel and observe it. I’m particularly fond of black and white work but can appreciate a subject if the colors are interesting.
I must add that since I moved to Greece, I truly enjoy taking landscape shots. 🙂

So, I see myself as an impulsive photographer, always trying to catch the magical moment. That’s what photography is to me: to click and create.


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